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Food Box


Volunteer to shop for and pack the food for our weekly bags.  Click here to sign up.  Here is a list of ideas of things to put in each bag to satisfy the shopping requirements.

Some of our volunteers sponsor their own food drive.   It's an easy way to involve your book club, service organizations, and troops in a service project and give back to your community.


At your next event or social occasion, spread the word and put a box out for food donations.  We will find a home for whatever you collect!




Donating Money


As little as $12 supports a child for a week, $50 for a month and $400 for a year. A $200 donation would buy a holiday or end of year box. 
We have been fortunate to receive donations from many different fundraisers.  Your imagination is the only limit!  We have been beneficiaries of neighborhood yard sales, block parties, bake and lemonade sales, 5K races and triathlons. 
100% of your monetary donation will go to the families in the Nourishing Noggins program. If you would like to donate securely on-line, please click on the "Donate" button in the upper right corner.

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